I was born in Barcelona in 1958 and since childhood I have been related to photography.

At the age of 5 I was already helping my father to reveal, at home we had a private laboratory and I would climb on a chair, move the bins and warn him when the image started to rise.

Soon I had my first camera, I like the pictures of animals on the pocket calendars and used the house cats and the pets of the neighbors to try to copy them. I grew up and continued with the theme of photographing animals, from pets to horses and from cats to people.

Studies, work, couple, children ... and I still take pictures, as my friends say if I have not photographed it has not happened, I am the memory of more than one.

During these years between work and children I have been training and promoting myself, you can find my work for sale on portals like AGEPHOTOSTOCK .

My photographic training is self-taught, my father my first teacher and after courses and readings I specialize in Portraits, I like to capture the best of each one in a photo, to get him to like it,

I have also been trained in making reports, you can see them in the Gallerys and on the Blog, I enjoy synthesizing in a few pictures the essence of a place, an event or an event.

And now, for a health issue, I have to rethink my future, I decide to dedicate myself to photography at 100%.

I can not complain, I recently presented to the DAMMFF20199 contest and won it with this photo: